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Chelsea's journal entry

Here it is - the last week of tour. I’m in the dressing room in Dallas getting ready to go do the VIP Q&A and I just can’t believe there are only three shows left. This tour has been unequivocally my favorite run we have ever done. The shows have been mind-blowing, the people I have met have all been so genuinely kind and warm, and the crew is full of the most hardworking, sweet humans. 

Since I’ve last written, we’ve done shows in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix. Every night has been truly surreal. In LA, I had the pleasure of bringing out a few special guests on stage: G Flip, Jake Shane, and Alexander 23, which was so so much fun. Everyone crushed it. It’s so much fun planning those surprises and making a show feel really special. Every show is special though. It’s funny - someone in VIP asked which show has been my favorite and I honestly said that every single show has had unforgettable moments. If we can go out on stage each night and make somebody’s day, then that is pretty much all we could ever ask for. 

I hope those of you who were able to come to a show had as fun as we have had the last seven weeks. I wish it never had to end. Forever grateful for these wonderful memories we’ve created together. Dallas, Austin, Nashville - here we come, let’s finish this thing off. 


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How has music helped you heal?

Submitted by: Ansley, Washington D.C

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Find a bookstore near each tour stop

I wanted to share a list of independent bookstores in
each city on The Beauty Is Everywhere Tour for you to support. Each bookstore in this list is either
women, BIPOC, or LQBTQ+ owned.

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